Wines and Chocolates – Captivating Flavor and Aroma

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If you are looking to put together a special gift basket, you may want to consider something that most people would appreciate such as a fine wine and chocolate gift. Choosing both wine and chocolates for a gift basket is an ideal combination and a great gift. Wine and chocolate gift baskets are very popular worldwide, but especially in countries where wines are treated with primary importance, such as Italy, France and Spain.

So, what is it that makes chocolate and wine gift baskets so impressive? In fact, if you think about the growing process of grapes for the wine and cocoa beans for chocolates, they are pretty similar. Both grapes and cocoa beans grow in only specific environments. They need nurturing during the growing process. Once they are grown, the beans and grapes are harvested, prepared and fermented using very specific methods. In the case for wines, this process can take years to perfect the distinctive flavor and aroma to mature a great win.

People are opting for chocolates and wines as complementary when preparing a gift basket. It is commonly known that certain brands of wines go well with certain types of chocolates. If you are not sure about the wine and chocolate combination, do an online search for information on wines and chocolates pairing. You will find some ideas on how to brand your gift basket.

Tips for Branding Your Gift

1) Pick a wine which tends to be sweeter than the chocolate. It will bring out the distinct qualities of each item. If the wine is bitter and the chocolate sweet, then the consumer may find the resulting output bitter.

2) Choose the right type of chocolate. For instance, it is well known that creamy chocolates go well with light wines.

3) In contrast, stronger flavored chocolates go well with full-bodied wine. If you want to play it safe, you can go for the most popular combination: wine with milk, white or dark chocolates.

Once you purchased the best combination of wine and chocolates, you are now ready to put them together. You can accessorize the basket to make it look more presentable. Select a strong steady basket that would hold the weight of the wine bottles then add ribbons or laces to deck it up. This allows you to create your own personalized gift basket that would be ideal for any occasion for any recipient who enjoys fine wine and chocolates.

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